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Are you searching for eyelash extension training and live in Victoria, Australia?

Learn How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

Your clients will be thrilled to learn of the new services that you offer after you’ve been trained and certified in eyelash extension application by enrolling in an Sugar Me Beauty pro’s Lashes Certification course. Learn either Classic Single-Layer or Volume lash extension application with our beginner, intermediate or advanced courses. Every option includes onsite education and resources paired with practical hands-on learning. All of our courses also include the benefit of inclusion on our Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Find a Lash Stylist Directory, which can spread your name to thousands of potential clients in your area.

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Beginner Lash Extension Certification in Victoria

Enroll in our 1-day Classic Certification Program and learn Classic Single-Layer eyelash extension application technique and basic business-building skills. Receive everything you need to begin a new career as a Certified Lash Stylist, including free kit.

Eyelash Extension Course for Advanced Lash Stylists in Melbourne

Practicing Lash Stylists who wish to increase their skills and business can enroll in our Volume Certification Training to learn the art of Volume lash application. This two-day advanced course covers the proprietary multi-lash pickup technique and how to build custom-designed volume fan lashes so that you will be able to affix multiple extensions to one natural lash. This technique allows for greater customization of the design as well as natural-looking volume, lift, texture and depth. You will also learn to give your clients longer, fuller, darker, and more voluminous lashes with ease, speed, and precision using new and innovative products, advanced application techniques and precision tools.

Why Become An Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Lashes Lash Stylist?

Invest in a career that empowers you with financial independence, a flexible work schedule, and repeat clientele who rebook lash appointments every two to four weeks.
As an Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Certified Lash Stylist you can own and operate your own business, seek employment at your local salon or medical spa, contract at your local multi-stylist lash studio, or even become a mobile freelancer. Plus, you’ll be extending your client’s beauty every day!

Why Choose Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Lashes: A Message From Sumi

“As a Senior Beautician and a Trainer, my mission is to empower and enrich lives through beauty – the lives of professionals with rewarding and profitable careers, and the lives of individuals through the development of high performance, long-lasting and low maintenance products that provide both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. With every formula, we aim to combine the best ingredients from science and nature at the highest concentration to achieve maximum efficacy, as well as nourish, rejuvenate, and Extend Your Beauty.

Whether you’re starting your eyelash extensions career or looking to advance your skills and increase your profits, we have a Career Builder Package that’s right for you.”

Classic Lash Extension Certification Training Career Builder Package

Course Description & Objectives

This comprehensive training begins with 1 day of amazing interactive Education that you will complete at the training centre. These lessons are required to teach and prepare you for hands-on applications at your live training on a real model.

Your Training with our Certified Lash Trainers will focus on the techniques necessary to become a skilled Certified Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Lashes Lash Stylist. You will be tested and certified at this training centre. We will guide you through this process to ensure you are successful.

After successfully completing the training and becoming a Certified Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Lashes Lash Stylist, you will have the opportunity to get listed on our directory, bringing new clients to your lash studio or salon. Once certified and Directory listed, refine your skills, grow your business, and stay up to date with the latest techniques by enrolling in our Advanced Volume Certification Training which is also offered at the Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Lashes Academy of Lash Artistry.

After completing our eyelash extensions training program, you’ll be able to apply eyelash extensions, receive business support, and be on your way to a successful Lash Styling career!

Detailed Training Objectives

Natural Eyelash and Eye Area Health

Disinfection of Supplies and Universal Precautions

Irritants & Allergens

Client Consultation

Basic Design Customization Proficiency

Concepts of Design Theory

Methods of Enhancing Eye Shape

In-Depth Overview of Natural Eyelash Types

Introducing Color into Lash Design

Evaluating Eyelash Extension Longevity

Conducting a Refill Application

Additional Application Techniques


Application and Retail Product Knowledge

Retailing Eyelash Extensions Compatible Cosmetics

Evaluation, Support and Feedback

Hands-On Eyelash Extension Application & Removal

Trainer-Led Evaluation Process

The Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Lashes Eyelash Extension Application Process and Procedure must be properly implemented. A Certified Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Lashes Trainer will be evaluating you on the following:

To Successfully Meet Classic Certification Requirements

Complete the 1 day Trainer-Led Classic Lash Extension Certification Training Program. Meet the objectives of the live training, during which you will complete an extended practical eyelash extension application, beginning with pre-application consultation and ending with thorough aftercare instructions. Students will demonstrate the following during their eyelash extension application(s):

Need more information before you enrol? Call the Sugar Me Beauty Pro’s Lashes Customer Success Department at 0422 436 334.

*Annual Revenue is based on a successful full-time Lash Stylist, working 5 days per week and 48 weeks per year. Revenue may vary and is dependent on many factors, including skill level, hours worked, market rates, and local demand. This does not include revenue from selling retail products at the typical 100% markup.


Create life-changing eyebrows. Learn the trade secrets that delighted thousands of SUGAR ME BEAUTY PRO clients.

Perfect Shape
Simple Rules
Natural Results

Real Work by SUgar Me Students



Our Signature Pattern

Learn our world-renowned,
ultra natural, microblading technique

Step By Step Guide

Practice the perfect hairstoke
with 4 easy-to-follow steps

World Class Results

Create exceptional brows
founded on real-world success

Powder and Ombré Brows


3 Mappings

Learn our world-renowned,
ultra natural, microblading technique

Universal Solutions

Practice the perfect hairstoke
with 4 easy-to-follow steps

Perfect Powder Effect

Create exceptional brows
founded on real-world success



3 * Mappings

We teach you Signature Combo Brows, a perfect combination of hairstrokes and powder effect) and Bold Brows, a perfect mapping for clients with oilier skin.

Introduction to Machine

Practice the perfect hairstoke
with 4 easy-to-follow steps

Perfect Combination

Create exceptional brows
founded on real-world success


Learn the secret influences that create astonishing results for your clients

Skin Anatomy

Deeply understand the largest organ of the human body: skin. Learn how it works and how it reacts to PMU.

Skin Anatomy

We dive deep into the colour wheel, how pigment is made, and much more. Understand colour like never before.

Become Compliant

We certify you for completion of the Permanent Makeup Fundamentals and will verify your work.